On the corner of Main and Wardwell


Emmett Floral was started in 2014 by Amy Helmick. She built the business from scratch and with hard work and a customer 1st mentality earned the trust of a great majority of floral customers in the Emmett valley, surrounding areas, and many out of state customers who trusted Amy to help share their love from afar with beautifully designed arrangements for any occasion.
Towards the end of 2022 after about 9 years of dedicated services to her craft, Amy decided to โ€œRetireโ€. She searched for someone to buy her baby and keep the business going and found Kip and Mekayla Buck.
Kip and Mekayla are the owners of the local funeral home, Potter Funeral Chapel. When they caught wind that Amy was looking to retire, sell her business and potentially close its doors, they decided to talk with Amy about buying the shop from her. Discussions felt right to both sides and a deal was struck in January 2023. With a family of 6 ยฝ children and the funeral home, Kip and Kayla would not personally be able to manage the floral shop and needed to find some help keep Emmett Floral operating at Amyโ€™s high standard.
Emmett Floral has been blessed to have great designers to manage the shop starting with Angie Bork and now with Holly Zagarella. So many others have come in during the busy seasons, including Gail Trask (a previous floral shop owner for about 30 years), Robyn Yraguen & Ida Buck (the best โ€œpeople personsโ€ the world has ever known) as well as the amazing Amy Helmick herself.
Currently the Floral Shop operates at the corner of Main Street and Wardwell at the East side of the Funeral Home and will find its permanent location on the west side of the funeral home parking lot where renovations will be made to accommodate a Main Street facing Floral Shop.
Emmett Floral is excited for what the future holds and looks forward to providing you with beautiful floral arrangements all year long & for any occasion.